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KILLyourHEROES____<3 [entries|friends|calendar]
you're killing your heroes...

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[19 Aug 2005|05:00pm]
new journal
no cunts thankyouplease.

[08 Mar 2005|01:49pm]
[ mood | happy ]

cant be bothered anymore :) .xo

2 kill <3 smile

#29 runawayRUNAWAYgirl [03 Mar 2005|11:12pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

DOO DOO DOO no im not dead, i thought i was, but im not.
my mum and the school know i smoke now. SCORE. and they dont give a fuck. it's all good.
MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM im going to "give it a name" also.

funeral, finch, coheed, mae, mc lars, rise against... BLA BLA. i THINK SO.

weeeeeee and fightstar *looks sarcastic*

FALL OUT BOY MAKE ME FUCKING HAPPY. i never told you but patrick let me sing into the mic, and i met spitalfield. and i love mark. he's HOT SEX. OH YES.

and i saw biffy clyro and they were AWESOMA WOO HOA. and i threw stationary at "GHOOOOOOSTRIDDDDDDE" hahahahaahahaha. and hell is for heroes sucked ass as usual.

ugh yes. well tomorrow. i was gunna get my lip pierced properly. and no, my plans have been ruined by danni. blah. so ill be at home, with my sister and her 10-ish friends, STEALING MY FUCKING ROOM. and trashing it. and ill get pissed off and run away from home.

gah. i feel reallyreally ill.

im seeing from first to last AND YOURE NOT HAHAHAHAHA oh obsessivexcore.

ok im bored now. WOOjroejr3

4 kill <3 smile

#28 YOUwereTHElastGOODthing [24 Feb 2005|02:37pm]
[ mood | calm ]

"hey *points at me* can you sing this for me?"

"where is your boy tonight, i hope he is a gentleman, maybe he wont find out what i know: you were the last good thing about this part of town"

12 kill <3 smile

#27 itsINDIErockNrollFORme [22 Feb 2005|11:40pm]
[ mood | crushed ]

call me a teenie bopper. whatever. i am actually heartbroken :(
blink 182.

the most awesome band ever. they fucking got me into music. i've loved them since dude ranch and i will never ever stop loving them :( i guess it all had to end someday but it still shocked me and i'm still fucking upset. no they're not coming back. think about it, they all have families and clothing companies, other bands, whatever. it's such a shame :( <3

yeah that's completely fucked my mood. i heard about the split 3 days ago and refused to believe it. but hey. today sucked. everything went wrong in the morning haha, then it got okay. i dislike snow alot.

fallout boy tomorrow <3

14 kill <3 smile

#26 TRASHflavouredTRASH [15 Feb 2005|05:32pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

YEAH, me and clurr are cool kids, we watch newsround.
fuck yahhhh!!1!11!!1!!!!!one!!1!!!twothreefour!1!

8 kill <3 smile

#25 HASnooneTOLDyou? [15 Feb 2005|10:06am]
[ mood | groggy ]

well i did go to the gig last night :) yummy yum. bullet for my valentine were very good although i'm in lots of pain seeing's theyre supposed to be "METAL" and the support acts were very hardcore. i wouldn't class them as metal but hey... their support acts definately were. ha ha. ouch.

well :) we were at the very FRONT of the queue this time, thanks to my lover, Calum <3 and Chantelle (my valentine) and yeah, lots of crazed front-of-queue antics went on like being harrassed by drunk people, foreigners selling us "cancer" (aka cheap cigarettes), roses, lots of roses, more roses, roses that smell of shit, hot gay people, kissing random hot people,

the usual...

yay i'm in bullet's new video :) and we should be in metal hammer also. how hardcore am i? not very i know.

yeah and tomorrow ill be in amsterdam until saturday. so dont try call me. but leave me loving messages on here and myspace though hahah.

ah, i really like life i do :) is this odd? haha.

mmm. well im writing lots of crap in my journal to try and avoid cleaning up my room but hmmm. must. do. errkkk. yum.

8 kill <3 smile

#24 youreSTILLaSUPERhotFEMALE! [13 Feb 2005|12:30am]
[ mood | blah ]

i have minty hot chocolate and squirty cream.

life is gooood.

11 kill <3 smile

#23 theresNOTHINGwrongWITHme [12 Feb 2005|10:03pm]
[ mood | happy ]

must be hard being as ugly as you. must make you want to stalk people and try to split up best friends...?

yeah, well. i hope you enjoy being obsessed with me, carry on your sad little life, spending all day in front of the computer getting fatter and fatter and stalking me on myspace, v-g.org and livejournal :)

no im not changing my email, site address, myspace or lj... gotta keep the ugly kid amused hey? hopefully they'll get bored soon and lose some weight so they can fit in their retarded pvc skirts.


14 kill <3 smile

#21 IjusWANNAliiiiiiiiveeeeee [05 Feb 2005|02:58pm]
[ mood | crazy ]


ill kick yo ass motha fucka gangsta stylee lifstyllllllezzzzzz of da rich and famouuuus yo.

4 kill <3 smile

#20 iWONTsayAword [04 Feb 2005|09:22pm]
[ mood | bored ]

who's going?

'Give It A Name 05' will be held at London's Alexandra Palace on Monday 2nd May (Bank Holiday Monday) and will feature the following acts:




Rise Against


Lucky Nine



Plus further acts to be confirmed!

12 kill <3 smile

#19 smashAPARTwhatYOUcreated [03 Feb 2005|07:30am]
[ mood | numb ]

yeah they were amazing as expected.

5 kill <3 smile

#18 iGOTsoulBUTimNOTaSOLDIER [02 Feb 2005|07:19am]
[ mood | good ]

well im not dead, my computer was broken and i had 20bazillion gigs to go to... pictures will be posted later :)
ive had to reinstall everything so no aim, psp, photoshop or ftp for a while :(

ill tell you about the gigs later but for now i just want to say...


ack and now i be off to school *salutes*

oh and to anyone who's tried to call me, ive taken my phone off that stupid call divert... i have no idea where that came from! but its off! so people can call me.



1 kill <3 smile

#17 ANDiSITandWONDER [25 Jan 2005|04:58pm]
[ mood | hyper ]

EEYOP! First of all, I did write some MASSIVE 6 page story of what happened on Saturday but I figured none of you would be bothered to read it so this should be the shorter version which means missing bits out but it needs to be done.

Met up with Kaylie in Camden (dodgiest place in London) about 1.30pm, went to get piercings, chickened out, Kaylie was hanging around with people I didn't like so I told her I'd see her at the gig and left at like 2ish and met up with Patrick. Handed out some leaflets with him, bought random food from the shop, met up with JoJo and Calum at 3 and set off (:

When we got to Waterloo, we saw some random hardcore kids (Waterloo is ages from Kingston). We figured they were going to Underoath also so I got pissed off cos I realised tons of people would be there and I'd never get to meet my favourite band.

Me, Patrick, Calum, JoJo and the random hardcore kids messed about on the train and the public got annoyed <3 lol. When we got off the train we had to go piss in Burger King.

After the piss we ran like crazy loons to Banquet Records and there were like 20 people there :| hahah.
Yeah we messed about and actually, it didn't seem like long before we were standing up and this random ginger guy's like "heyyy!" me being the slow person I am was like "oh hi person i don't know".

Fucking hell why am I so slow?! It was sexy drummer from Underoath.

I would say about 40/50 people turned up in the end, we met Underoath, had loads of stuff signed, asked Tim if he knew what Marmite was... the usual.

After a while me and about 20 people (half of them were drunk) ran to the venue and got incredibly lost, and found it and danced like crazed people. We were like the first people there so we just messed about but after a while, people arrived, bands arrived, I got a fat hug from the fat guy in THP, and then Tim from uO came out and filmed us being crazy drunk and/or hyper people for the Underoath DVD, and then we waited some more, messed about more, Tim came out again with the camera and made us do some crazy moshing thing and it was like "LETS GO! [somethingorother] MOSH" *makes crazy pit in the doorway*

YEAH, so we were finally let in, I got a lovely place at the front, and then Kaylie came, she was in a really bad way, I took her to the toilets so she could puke and she seemed okay after that.

Dopamine were on first, theyre pretty good but I got slightly bored... next up... Roses are Red <3 they were amazing <3 then Kaylie passed out.

Six times.

It was pretty scary cos I didn't know what to do... I kept waking her up, and she would seem okay and then the last time she passed out she wouldn't wake up.

I got this random guy to help me drag her outside, when she was outside she kept shaking and rocking back and forth... erm, then we saw Tim from Underoath, and he had a massive bottle of water, then I ran up to him and asked for help and he seemed well shocked and ran over to help. Kaylie was burbling random crap and me and Tim just held her and made her keep drinking water and asked her questions to keep her awake. She didn't seem any better so Tim took us into the tourbus.

We wrapped her up in loads of blankets and me, Tim, Chris and the bassist from Roses are Red sat there not really knowing what to say.

Well, when Kaylie got slightly better we phoned Lara and got her to come take Kaylie home. So the tourbus was fucking surreal, stuck in a tourbus with your friend who had almost just died and your favourite band? So weird. When Silverstein finished, there was a knock on the tourbus door and Calum and Patrick and Louie came in stinking of sweat haha. Calum had just been on stage with Silverstein, he was well happy. And then Silverstein and some random old people came in and I was like :| WHOOOAH.

And then the bassist of Silverstein went and sat next to Kaylie and watched tha 70s show haha, and then the bassist was talking to him about how he got into Silverstein and the next minute he's touring with them! Haha, it was like a random band DVD... like hanging on the tourbus with Underoath, Silverstein and Roses are Red. So weird.

ANYWAY Kaylies friends came, picked Kaylie up, we staying in the bus for a while then Calum (somehow) got the lead singer from RaR to get us free merch! So we ran off to RaR's tourbus and got some yummy Trustkill stuff. Then Tim came out and was like "ok guys, we're on in a minute, i gotta get changed and pray and stuff" and we were like "okaaay thanks for everything dude :D" and then he overheard me moaning about not being at the front for Underoath and then he was like "We'll get you to the front!"

Anyway we waited in the cold for a bit with RaR and then Tim came out with Chris "THE PLOUGH" cos he's like big and he like ploughed through the crowd and they got us to the front and I was like YAY.


And I had a song dedicated to me (I'm Not Feeling Very Receptive Today) :D ALL MEEEE <3

And I went in the pit several times, went crazy, jumped on stage, got Tim's pick, went more crazy, jumped on stage again, jumped off.

Then it was over, I went up to Tim gave him a massive sweaty hug and thanked him for being so awesome, then we got sweaty pictures with him and he poured water all over me haha.

The End.

Oh turns out Kaylie had been drugged in Camden.

Yes I didn't lie this is the short version haha <3

picturesCollapse )

16 kill <3 smile

#16 HOLDyourBREATH [23 Jan 2005|07:21pm]
[ mood | indescribable ]


7 kill <3 smile

#15 justSTAYwithMElayWITHme [22 Jan 2005|12:21am]
[ mood | hungry but hyper ]

hello children. its underoath today.

8 kill <3 smile

#14 FOURo'clockINtheFUCKINmornin' [18 Jan 2005|02:58pm]
[ mood | yuck. ]

its my birthday and im ill ): i caught it at the used i figured cuz hayley and beckah have it too.
hommm, im working on content on my site.


in the meantime you can have a look at my sexy wall.

oo-ee my wall.Collapse )

16 kill <3 smile

#13 SEVENyearsYOUassuredME [09 Jan 2005|02:11pm]
[ mood | moo on toast ]

yes i am updating *dances* im in such an amazing mood and have been since like Friday :D and I have no idea why! I haven't done anything particularly interesting :S

Anyway, so since I last updated... well last week I just went out with friends and bummed around, on Monday I went out with Lara, Lurch (Ryan) and Kaylie. It was funny I guess.
We made a house for Kaylie at the train station, like the bin thing was her bed, and this random cone was originally a toilet but turned into a sex toy LMAO.
Ah, and then we went to the Hard Rock Café and hung out with Gareth the stoner and were being Kurt Cobain again. And then these stupid tourists were sticking their noses up at us cos we were laying on the floor in a big heap. In the end, me and Kaylie ditched Lara and Lurch cos they kind of were being all couple-ey and in love and at the moment me and Kaylie are anti-love hahaha. Plus I don't like Lurch and he smells.

So me and Kells got the train to like, Leicester Square, had a look round there in music shops and stuff and decided to walk to Waterloo which was really good cos it's quite a long walk and we had deep talks about love and stuff. When we got nearish Waterloo we pretended to be tourists and took pictures of everything hahaha. Me and Kaylie decided we love London. It's so pretty. Especially in the evening with Big Ben and the London Eye and all the other touristy places. It really made me feel lucky to live in such a pretty place with everything at your doorstep.

After we pretended to be tourists, we walked around South Bank and had a look at the skaters... not many hot ones but it was funny. Then we watched this little girl on her brothers skateboard. It was so sweet lol. And then we got cookies and went home :) yay.

TUESDAY. I started my new school. Not bad I guess. It's very different from Ricards, cos in Ricards basically theyre all either pregnant or don't speak English. In Coombe theyre so clever and mature. Theyre all so goddamn pretty too :| I made lots of friends and I'm known as the "indie kid" god knows why. The uniform is green and itchy though. But I like green so that's cool.

Erm, yeah so all week I've been busy with school... getting used to it, making friends... not bad I guess (:

Saw Patrick yesterday.

Sorry this is long haha... ah pictures of Mondayyyy:

The Cone before...

The Cone & Kaylie after ...

Kaylie and Gareth the stonerrr...

Pretty London-ness

12 kill <3 smile

#12 everlastingLOVE<3 [02 Jan 2005|08:35pm]
[ mood | weee ]

I got drunk at new year. And it was rather crap. Lets not talk about it.
Before new year I hit the January sales and bought about 12 CDs because our Virgin is closing down and it's 50% off everything so yay.

I gott...

Head Automatica, FATA- The Fiction we Live, Alexisonfire- Alexisonfire, 18 Visions- Obsession, TBS- Where you Want to Be, XisLoaded- Raw Nerve, Bullet for my Valentine- Bullet for my Valentine, Sum 41- Chuck, Brand New, Biffy Clyro- Infinity Land and er... Hopesfall- A Types.

Quite a lot of them sucked. I really don't like TBS or XisLoaded... and I'm not to keen on 18v. Ahwell, they may grow on me?

Errm so recentlyyyyyy... what have I been up to? Well today I went out with Kay, was veryvery funny, I bought big shoes I couldn't walk in because we were having a competition to see how long we could survive walking around Camden in stupid tall shoes. Kay won. I went in the Famous Stars and Straps shop to look for something warm and pretty and they sold mostly tshirts so that sucked.

Yesterdayy went out with Patrick. He kind of annoyed me. Maybe I was just moody cos I had like 4 hours sleep? So I went home at 4/5ish and then Calum called me and I met up with himmm and he was more fun than Patrick but I was in a boring mood so pffft.

New years eveeeee... sucked, the day was coolish, met up with Kay and wrote a book about 2004, we just went everywhere talking about stuff we did in 2004 aw. It was a goodish year. Then we met up with Patrick and did nothing. Patrick doesnt like Kay so that sucked.

Yeah. That's about it I guess.

Oh yeah and I am aware that last thing I said I hated Patrick. I still dislike him slightly but we're okay.

6 kill <3 smile

#11 nothingMATTERSanymore [25 Dec 2004|01:30pm]
[ mood | grumpy ]

Apart from wanting to stab certain people repeatedly I'm having a good day. Okay I lie. Christmas really does suck. Plus I'm slightly tipsy at 1:30pm which is not good.
Oh and me and Kaylie's little plan didn't work... maybe for new year?

Speaking of Kaylie I found we had more in common than I realised... we're going to Bournemouth on Tuesday I think *ponders* I don't remember why.

I kinda stole the present I bought for David. Ha ha.

Merry Christmas to everyone except Patrick cos he fucking sucks. I hate him alot. But that's a good thing. Long story.

5 kill <3 smile

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